Cnsrd RealFoodSource Certified Organic Walnut Pieces 1KG:Cnsrd
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RealFoodSource Certified Organic Walnut Pieces 1KG:Cnsrd

RealFoodSource Published in October 22, 2018, 12:58 pm
 RealFoodSource Certified Organic Walnut Pieces 1KG:Cnsrd

RealFoodSource Certified Organic Walnut Pieces 1KG:Cnsrd

Price:£12.49+ £2.99 shipping

Mark Rouphine
Mark Rouphine Reply to on 26 March 2017
I really like RealFoodSource Walnut Pieces
they are well preserved with no additives and taste
they way they are supposed to Taste they are great for salads
or making Homemade Trail Mix Bars or even Walnut milk.
And what more could you ask for as you get a lot for 1kg in a big bag
plenty to go around the family and friends and i would highly recommend
RealFoodSource to anybody reading this review and i will shop soon.
GSD lover
GSD lover Reply to on 16 September 2017
The pieces are a mixture of mostly pale but also some dark walnuts. The dark pieces give a rancid flavour to the mix.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Reply to on 24 May 2017
The 1kg packet of walnuts is the most economic way of buying them. The flavour is 2nd to none. They are fresh and tasty. Ideal for putting on my cereal or for an afternoon snack. Highly recommend this product. Will buy again sooner if the price was slightly cheaper
B69 Reply to on 30 May 2018
RealFoodSource Certified Organic Walnut Pieces 1KG

A bit apprehensive about whether or not they'd be fresh or bitter - as always, I check out the most negative reviews first!
Pleased to say the walnut pieces are great, as you'd hope to expect.
I picked out the darkest pieces I could find and ate a handful of them.
They tasted pretty good. Barely any difference to the lighter pieces, which were also very palatable.
As I chew them up, I didn't need to pay extra for 'whole' ones.
MaggieMay Reply to on 23 October 2017
Be careful, quite a few shell fragments. Not great if using these in a nutribullet.
chellebelle Reply to on 12 September 2017
I absolutely love Walnuts and these are Tasty , crunchy and fresh . Perfectly sized pieces to sprinkle on my breakfast , for snacking and also to use in baking ! Walnuts can help lower stress levels and are a very healthy snack .
Gokcen Reply to on 7 December 2017
bad taste, stale
Brennda Heimarsdóttir
Brennda Heimarsdóttir Reply to on 30 October 2017
Walnuts had a strange flavor. Like it’s old on package. I do not recommend this brand
Ghislaine Coulon
Ghislaine Coulon Reply to on 5 February 2018
not bitter at all, fresh too
Ana A
Ana A Reply to on 3 May 2018
worst ever, rancid and bad tasting. had to throw away.
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