Cnsrd Pulse Oximeter Trekker I300 Portable PA System:Cnsrd
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Pulse Oximeter Trekker I300 Portable PA System:Cnsrd

Pulse Oximeter
Pulse Oximeter Published in October 22, 2018, 12:33 pm
 Pulse Oximeter Trekker I300 Portable PA System:Cnsrd

Pulse Oximeter Trekker I300 Portable PA System:Cnsrd

Price:£134.99+ Free shipping

Dr K James
Dr K James Reply to on 12 May 2018
I'm very pleased with this unit. I purchased it to play my iPod while working in my shed. I haven't tested all the features yet, but everything I have tested seems to be working well. Sound quality is very good for a device of this kind. The volume is more than adequate: on a scale of 1 to 10 I only have it turned up to about 2, but that's more than enough to be heard over me sawing, sanding and swearing when I hit my thumb with a hammer. The PA feature might come in handy if I get the urge to entertain the neighbours with a spot of karaoke, but so far I haven't used the microphone. The battery feature is very useful, as is the built-in iPod charger. The iPod connects to either the integral plug/stand shown in the photo or (by means of a suitable cable) to the RCA sockets on the front of the unit. The former uses the old 30-pin Apple connector (which matches my old iPod), but you'll need to buy an adaptor if yours uses the newer Apple connector. The build quality seems very good. It feels nice and solid; and, although it's quite heavy (presumably because of the inbuilt battery) some thought has obviously gone into portability as the unit has wheels at the back and an extendable handle to trundle it along the ground, as well as a solid spring-loaded handle at each side. If I had to complain about something, it would only be the name under which it is marketed. A Pulse Oximeter is a completely unrelated medical device, but I guess the Chinese makers thought that the name would sound cool rather than silly.
Stephen Garrett
Stephen Garrett Reply to on 1 December 2015
This amp is amazing value for money. Sounds excellent and seems ruggedly made. The iPod docking is a brilliant idea and works perfectly, and the mic is not half bad considering it is 'free'...certainly adequate for most uses. One small grumble, the kettle power lead it came with was faulty, so I just replaced it and now all is well. Pity they don't make a rain cover for it.
Maeve Gallagher
Maeve Gallagher Reply to on 4 February 2017
Great delivery and when used it, the sound was brilliant. The only problem is, it doesn't take an iphone 5 or above. Otherwise, very happy
K.R. Reply to on 17 August 2015
Overall I'm very pleased. I teach singing and I needed something louder than a domestic ipod dock as some of my classes were struggling to hear the music. I had hoped it might be loud enough to use for outdoor gigs but it's not that powerful. However I like that you can control the bass, treble and mid frequencies separately and it has a mic socket. Sound quality is decent for the price. I'm happy I went with this over the ion blockrocker as it is a lot cheaper but similar quality.
Lee Reply to on 23 May 2015
This item is great, unfortunately now though because of the way phones have progressed my iphone 5 doesn't fit on the docking port, however i can still connect via a cable, super sound & bass
Hayley May Phillips
Hayley May Phillips Reply to on 3 June 2017
Service was good - quick to answer emails and rearrange delivery. Product good- good quality sound and arrived fully charged and ready to go! Microphone good.
Tristan Elmhirst
Tristan Elmhirst Reply to on 19 October 2016
This has worked wonders! Everything on it works, although haven't used the microphone. but charges a beaut and is loud enough to get noise complaints at 100 yards :)
Louise Dunning
Louise Dunning Reply to on 7 February 2015
Excellent machine. Very impressive customer care as we had a problem with the microphone but it was replaced very quickly and we were kept informed by email from the seller. Would highly recommend.
Mrs T Caspall
Mrs T Caspall Reply to on 5 January 2015
Equipment not too bad disappointed with the iPod dock being out of date for 5th generation so you then have to buy an iPod audio adapter which isn't cheap.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 8 June 2017
Better than expected in most respects. But -Current phone doesn't fit. Storage area too small for wiring & plug. Though not as loud as hoped the sound is rich. Seems sturdy & easily transportable. Would have given 4.5 but not sure how to give half.
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