Cnsrd Kuako Men Women Running Shoes Air Trainers Fitness Casual Sports Walk Gym Jogging Athletic Sneakers:Cnsrd
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Kuako Men Women Running Shoes Air Trainers Fitness Casual Sports Walk Gym Jogging Athletic Sneakers:Cnsrd

Kuako Published in October 22, 2018, 12:30 pm
 Kuako Men Women Running Shoes Air Trainers Fitness Casual Sports Walk Gym Jogging Athletic Sneakers:Cnsrd

Kuako Men Women Running Shoes Air Trainers Fitness Casual Sports Walk Gym Jogging Athletic Sneakers:Cnsrd

Price:£26.99+ Free shipping with Cnsrd Prime

penedawn Reply to on 13 July 2018
Even better than 'fit as expected' I am a 5.5 and how often can you get a half size now? I put them on and they were the most comfortable shoe I have ever put on, and they fitted really well. No pushing pulling and wriggle this and that. They even have a little extra size I would say as they used to when I was a kid so you could still put on a sock and 'oh look' they have given me a complimentary pair of white shoes. Well hey they are for guys and without opening they look like maybe long ones to wear with sandals but not open yet and I only wear very loose at the ankle (or feet swell up). I have the black ones too. Do I have any complaints? I would like something in all white that is all. They are a woven textile of some kind with a ridged base for running and a bubble in the heel for protection. Having said that I tried a careful spin on my kitchen to see if they will work for classes in the gym and it didn't stop dead so good for gym too. I am most impressed. And I think they look good. I am not so keep on the flashes on the side and heel but they are for running and are reflective so purpose made. I had in mind not to put a review online as I don't want everyone else wearing them next to me but here it is with pics. Difficult to take pictures of your own feet but they look good to me!
Donald Williams
Donald Williams Reply to on 11 July 2018
I bought these shoes to run on the treadmill in. I have tried many different pairs of shoes and these ones are AMAZING!!! I wear them everyday when I run and they are extremely comfy and support me for my entire run - generally 3-4 miles. I would definitely suggest these shoes. I usually prefer a wide shoe but these were only available in the regular width so I gave them a try and I can't really tell the difference. the shoe is also very light so they are not heavy on your foot when you have them on. After you have them on for a couple of minutes you kind of forget you have them on. I would highly recommend these shoes to anyone that asked what was a really good running shoe.
These shoes are absolutely comfortable - they fit like soft exquisite gloves, with good support. They also look great! I am extremely happy with my purchase, and you can't beat the Amazon price.
Michelle Clark
Michelle Clark Reply to on 16 July 2018
These were perfect. As a slow, but dedicated, runner, I try to replace my shoes every 6 months or so. I am a walker/jogger. I train for half marathons and these shoes have never let me down. It takes a couple of runs or walks to break them in a bit because they feel a bit stiff at first but after awhile they are great! These shoes are great for running. I run about 15 miles a week and they are really comfortable. I have absolutely no complaints and would highly recommend. Price was great as well.
Mary O'Malley
Mary O'Malley Reply to on 27 July 2018
Nice looking good running shoes. My feet feel comfortable in there for the whole day and that includes running, standing for hours and exercising in gym. Great for the price. I just had them for a couple of days so can't say anything about quality. Hopefully, they last longer.They are comfortable. I'm gonna use these mostly for work or casual wear. Once putting them on though it disappears with the foot and there is some type of toe liner support which gives it all a much cleaner look. I will update if anything changes.
shane Reply to on 29 August 2018
I love the look of these trainers the print is perfect they look just like they do online I love that the soul has got the same print on it making it look different from other trainers fast delivery with prime too They fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable I’ve never wear any new trainers that are this comfortable in my life trust me I’m only giving it 4 stars due to the fact you can see glue on the seal between the top and bottom of the trainers but you do have to have them up close to notice so I wouldn’t bother you on a daily basis and no one should tell good price and I do love these so much fantastic product I would recommend for the price you can’t go wrong
Wombat Reply to on 29 July 2018
These running/training shoes are very comfortable and fit well. I would recommend them. Order your normal size, there is no need to go a size up or down.
PS I also received a free pair of socks, wasn't expecting that!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 2 August 2018
I bought these shoes because I attend a large college campus and have A LOT of walking to do. I Needed something comfortable and stable for overpronation. I have had these shoes for awhile now and I love them. they are so comfortable! I also plan on using them for my workouts too! I 100% recommend these shoes. They've been great, light, but supportive.
amy mcguire
amy mcguire Reply to on 23 July 2018
Great shoes, a bit tight width wise, but they are super comfortable, stylish, and for the price I got them at, I can't complain. I don't use these to run in, my running shoes are sucony, but I can't imagine these would be uncomfortable for running.shipping was exact and the price was perfect. will definitely buy from this seller again and again!
blowfly Reply to on 21 August 2018
As running shoes they are slight and not very supportive but very light. With the addition of cushion insoles and running socks are better but for the price could be much improved upon. However if bought for trainers they look and work well.
Maharun Chowdhury
Maharun Chowdhury Reply to on 3 August 2018
The shoe looks amazing and was a perfect fit, lightweight and flexible, perfect for running around, however, the soul came off without socks thankfully​ socks were included also the grip is good however pieces of rubber stook out giving a rough used look on the bottom overall it is an amazing shoe and would recommend.
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