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Experimental Homebrewing:Cnsrd

Drew Beechum
Drew Beechum Published in October 22, 2018, 12:00 pm
 Experimental Homebrewing:Cnsrd

Experimental Homebrewing:Cnsrd


Gary James
Gary James Reply to on 16 July 2016
A great book for anyone who wants to know more than the basic how-to's. Not a book to teach you to brew from scratch, but when you've got the basics down and want to start to experiment it's excellent
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 15 August 2016
It is a good book
M. J. Caton
M. J. Caton Reply to on 21 November 2015
This book starts at a level which assumes the reader has some experience in home brewing. The authors describe the equipment and basic techniques they use to brew and then they get into the more interesting experimental brews. All weights and measures are in quarts and pounds (USA). So be prepared to do some conversions if you usually work in litres and kilos.
There's a lot of detail in this book, but is easily understandable. Everything is described very well. There are some excellent recipes to try also.
mr d regler
mr d regler Reply to on 6 August 2015
Great item fast delivery AAAAAA+++++
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