Cnsrd Avantree Oasis Plus aptX HD LONG RANGE Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV Audio, Home Stereo, Optical Wired & Wireless Simultaneously, DUAL LINK LOW LATENCY, Optical RCA 3.5mm AUX [2-Year Warranty]:Cnsrd
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Avantree Oasis Plus aptX HD LONG RANGE Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV Audio, Home Stereo, Optical Wired & Wireless Simultaneously, DUAL LINK LOW LATENCY, Optical RCA 3.5mm AUX [2-Year Warranty]:Cnsrd

Avantree Published in October 22, 2018, 11:50 am
 Avantree Oasis Plus aptX HD LONG RANGE Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV Audio, Home Stereo, Optical Wired & Wireless Simultaneously, DUAL LINK LOW LATENCY, Optical RCA 3.5mm AUX [2-Year Warranty]:Cnsrd

Avantree Oasis Plus aptX HD LONG RANGE Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV Audio, Home Stereo, Optical Wired & Wireless Simultaneously, DUAL LINK LOW LATENCY, Optical RCA 3.5mm AUX [2-Year Warranty]:Cnsrd

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Ubersmiter Reply to on 9 March 2018
I have bought and returned so many items trying to find a stable way to stream my music to my wireless speakers. So many protocols and ways to do it, but the biggest problem has either been range on Bluetooth or reliability of connection when using airplay or similar. Nothing worse than just getting into your music, then it starts glitching or stops all together. One minute great, the next useless. So after returning an Apple Airport express which failed miserably, this was almost a last resort for me and I was very sceptical it would work. Well not only does it work, it is superb! The device is very intuitive and easy to set up. Had no problems pairing and optical connector to a great addition that allows me to stream tv sound to speakers with no latency at all. Once paired up, it just works. No messing about every time you turn it on, it works, and works superbly well. I have used for a good few hours now and all my downloaded music has played perfectly without a single glitch. Can’t recommend this device enough, even talks and tells you the status, which you can turn off if you find it annoying. They seem to have thought of everything, and although price is higher than many Bluetooth devices, the connectivity, quality and reliability make this a great purchase for me
Mr. PT Farrell
Mr. PT Farrell Reply to on 20 January 2018
This is a brilliant device that does exactly what it says on the box and does exactly what I need: it connects my TV to my Plantronics headset using APTx LL (low latency) giving superb sound whilst allowing me to walk freely around the home. It even reaches my garden office.
To ensure best range, I attached the device to the back of my TV so that the antenna is raised above the top of the TV for uninterrupted signal propagation. The Oasis is very lightweight and easy to attach with a thin strip of Velcro tape. It is connected to the TV via a short optical cable and a short USB data cable to one of the TV's USB ports, so the Oasis powers on/off automatically with the TV.
It was very easy to set up with the clear voice prompts from the Oasis immediately it is powered up. Once setup is complete, it is easy to disable the voice prompts as they won't be needed again!
Now I simply turn on the TV and then turn on the Plantronics headset to connect almost instantly with the TV.
The Oasis is capable of connecting to 2 headsets simultaneously, but unfortunately, the Low Latency (aptx ll) only works with single headsets. That is the current ability of aptx ll rather than a shortcoming of the Oasis. However, the latency is remarkably good even without the low latency connection, so that lip sync delay is hardly noticeable.
Without doubt, the combination of class 1 Bluetooth and an external antenna ensure superb Bluetooth range. The added bonus of low latency aptx and optical connect to the audio source ensure a quality listening experience. Highly recommended.
Izzy Reply to on 13 January 2018
Had this just over a week. So far it’s working a treat. Easy to set up, using the optical cable, as the headphone jack on our Samsung LED smart TV is a bit hit and miss. It’s powered via mains electric. Paired it with Avantree Audition Pro bluetooth headphones, so husband can watch TV and I have peace and quiet. A win win! One minor issue for me is the brightly lit display when switched on. It doesn’t bother my husband, but if it’s in my sight line, I have to move it so I can’t see it. Probably not an issue for most people. And a reminder that if you connect using the optical cable, you can’t alter the volume with the TV controls. Again, not a problem, but do bear it in mind (be careful when you first pair it with headphones, the volume might be very loud)! Absolutely brilliant little gadget. Works perfectly for our purposes, seeing as so many modern TVs have no headphone jack. Highly recommend it.
V Reply to on 18 June 2017
Excellent product. Delivery was followed by further instructions by email in its use. However, very sensitive and picks up interference even from other rooms, since, it does what it is supposed to do, 'long range'. Contacted support. A very quick response followed by a phone call. Advised to disable all bluetooth enabled devices, reset to factory setting (press + and - together) solved the problem.
Mr J.
Mr J. Reply to on 1 August 2017
I have been looking for a long time for a way to send music from my analog stereo in the front room all the way through 2 large rooms and 2 thick brick Victorian walls and about another 10 metres into the back garden. I was a bit sceptical that this would cope with the obstacles and distance, but it does the job very well! I have never had it drop out or lose signal quality while sending the signal from my hifi headphone socket out to my wireless speaker in the garden. Total distance it has to cope with for me is about 30 metres total. I am very impressed so far.
Here is a tip for you if you get one - ensure when you connect the 3.5 jack into the device from your sound source that you push it in hard until it clicks. Right at the start, I could not get any signal into it from my hifi, and spent some time checking cables, etc, and was about to send it back. But then deciding to try one more time, I realised I had not pushed the input jack hard enough into the socket on the device!! Since then, it has worked perfectly. Thanks Avantree for solving a problem I have been trying find an answer too for a long time! I used to drag speakers and hifi into the garden and now, no need to !
Keith James Pettit
Keith James Pettit Reply to on 29 May 2017
I have a Brennan JB7 which I run through a Quad 34/306 and I wanted to use Bluetooth to spread it around the house and garden. The normal Bluetooth range doesn't reach very far but this gadget is great to reach all parts of the house. If thats what you want buy this, it is a superb piece of kit. Reccomended
Kevin A
Kevin A Reply to on 26 June 2018
Very good range on this Bluetooth transmitter. I went for the premium (plus) version as I wanted the option to support two sets of bluetooth headphones in the future. I paired it with a Trond bluetooth receiver which supports aptX plugged into an old Logitech S315i portable speaker - and was up and running in minutes. I've plugged it into the zone 2 outputs on my Onkyo amp in order to support a bluetooth speaker in the kitchen (saves running the speakers in the lounge at massive volume). There is practically no delay between the audio in the two rooms (no nasty echo).

Very pleased with the device's flexibility (can be used as a receiver should I wish to stream music from my iPhone back to the Onkyo).

The seller has been very attentive during the process (I originally contacted them as I thought the device was "coming soon" (Avantree main website suggested there was no stock but that must have meant Amazon US). Quick response from them with the link. Purchased and delivered by Amazon logistics.

Charlie Reply to on 12 July 2017
They sent me a new one finally, this one connected and worked fine - HOWEVER. The Bluetooth range was terrible. Connecting to a Bose soundlink 2 speaker, any more than 5 meters away and it starts failing. A few steps outside and it starts failing. This tech is poor quality, don't bother with it!

Item arrived faulty, and instead of helpful customer service after a detailed email to them listing the issues I was told to take the screen protector off and press the input switch button... Seriously?
Patronising customer service and a cheap faulty item - don't bother with this one it's overpriced and bad quality. Bluetooth does not hold it's connection for more than 3 seconds and dispute trying all input/output combinations it worked about 5% of the time.

Customer service will not help, they won't even send out a replacement item. Forced to return and refund.
Dr Robert
Dr Robert Reply to on 9 March 2018
This is by far the best Bluetooth transmitter I have used. Has lots of different connection to connect to your source or you can bypass Bluetooth if you have different wired combinations in your setup. I have not tried the Bluetooth receiving mode.

Connection is easy and I like that you get a voice prompt to tell you when connection is made however if you are not keen on this it can be turned off.

I feel the sound quality is better than other Bluetooth devices I have used which adds to it. It has also connected to a Bluetooth speaker that two other cheaper devices just would not.

I have tested it a few times for reconnecting and that works great.

It is expensive however, but it does work well. The reason for 4 stars is one the cost but secondly I just cannot get near the projected Bluetooth transmitter distance and that was the reason I actually went for this device. I can’t get the reduced recommend distance when not in line of sight also. I don’t have the transmitter near a WiFi router as recommended however when I walk past the router and then past it all sorts of interference occurs on the receiver and sound just breaks up there on.

As WiFi is so integral and you need a good strong signal throughout with router in a prime location I can’t see a way round this as I just can’t turn the WiFi off.

Anyway, it is very good and I am pleased with it.
Dean L
Dean L Reply to on 26 September 2018
UPDATE In less than 24 hours of purchase. When i started up my PC today My USB 3.0 PCIe card wouldnt work. I then unplugged everything did a reboot but it showed my in device manager that the card was not working. I had to uninstall the card, reboot and let windows find it again. I removed this Device and got everything working back as it should,. I then put the device back on my PC, rebooted my PC and the card failed again. I did this once more and it did exactly the same. For some bizarre reason it knocks out my USB PCIe card after every restart of my PC. If i don't restart my PC this device is working great. I have come to this conclusion after many attempts rebooting my PC with and without this device plugged in that there must be a power issue. Grrrr i was really hoping this would solve my problem with dual Bluetooth speakers. This device works absolutely perfect until i reboot/re-start my PC, That is when my USB PCIe card fails. I am guessing it has power issues when it is plugged into a PC. I am hopeing Avantree will reply to my problem. Unfortunatley i am returning this as i only wanted it for my PC. I am very sad that it is causing these issues. In a nutshell it works perfect until i reboot my PC. As a product i still think it deserves 5 stars. The company are also ok so no negative thoughts except on the PC side of things.
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