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3DConnexion SpaceNavigator:Cnsrd

3DConnexion Published in October 22, 2018, 12:05 pm
 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator:Cnsrd

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator:Cnsrd

Price:£160.21+ Free shipping

Robert Reply to on 23 June 2015
Brilliant but takes customisation and practice to get the most from it. Initially I found it counter-intuitive and nearly returned it but after a day playing with the options it was transformed (I locked the horizon in 3DS Max and found it made a big difference) The base is very heavy and grippy so it's won't slide on the desk and the leds can be turned on or off. It's very customisable (I use it for 3DS Max and Google Earth) you can change speed of movement, reverse axis, lock certain movement axis and change from object to camera mode depending on whether you want to move the cam or the object. It transforms Google Earth movement, much more intuitive. I'd recommend going to the website for software updates as they add functionality all the time, in Firefox it now comes with a virtual numberpad for putting passwords/credid card info into sites without worrying about keyloggers.

All in all I'd say, pricey but worth it.
P. Botterell
P. Botterell Reply to on 16 November 2015
The best thing you can add to AutoCAD Inventor. (Or any other 3d CAD)
We were issued these where I work and we got so used to them I had trouble going back to the old way of image manipulation in my home office. Hence my purchase.

These are heavy bits of kit thanks to their solid steel base. They do not move around the desk in normal use.
After a few weeks of use, if the desk gets dusty or greasy they may start to slip. Simply give the base a quick wipe with a screen cleaner and the same for the patch of desk where it rests and you're good to go for a few more weeks. Not a fault of the navigator, just tardy housekeeping on my part.

I can vouch for the operation of this device on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Installed on all of these OS's with no issues or conflicts.
C. Bruiners
C. Bruiners Reply to on 2 December 2015
Simply outstanding engineering that should be commended.

I own a number of input devices, including top end RaZor and MS mice, but nothing comes close to the build quality of the SpaceNavigator. At first the tutorial, though comprehensive, threw me a bit but once I overcame that it what an input device. It is sensitive but not overly and has helped no end when working in 3D modelling software.

If your a professional 3D artist and don't own one then buy one now, if your a hobbyist like myself again buy one now, for everyone else do check compatibility with your software as it doesn't just work with everything but if you have supported software you'll never look back.
Mr. P. Dore
Mr. P. Dore Reply to on 30 May 2017
Precision, engineered, excellent quality. Highly sensitive, but once practiced, it is an impressive aid. I utilise SketchUp in my production of 3D animations for fine art modules at Uni. I tried modeling without it recently - so much slower. Even though I'm pretty much skint most of the time. I'm pleased with this purchase.
Jez W
Jez W Reply to on 5 May 2014
I bought this to use with Sketch up and am very glad I did. It is very strange when you start using it and you will be glad of the return button on the right side of the base as you will get in a mess at first. Use the tutorials that come with it and learn to use SMALL movement and you will get the hang of it. I found the more I thought about it the more I don't go where I expected, but after a while you find yourself moving around without thinking which is what you want.
It is well made and heavy (needed as you "lift" the knob to track upwards.
It saves me lots of toeing and frowing to the menu bar as I work and gets me into places that were difficult before. I went for the corded one as I spend up to 8 hours on desktop PC at a time working and didn't want to keep recharging.
Amazon User
Amazon User Reply to on 1 May 2014
Amazon reviews here:

Used one at work for the first time using Inventor and knew had to get one for the house.
Advertising blurb says using it is like "holding the model in your hand" and its true.
A much more intuitive and productive way to work with your 3D models.

Only downside for me (and this in only in comparison to the much more expensive models higher in teh range) is only having two customisable buttons.
That said, its very handy putting the two main features you use the most in your application on the mouse.

Software works quite well, no glitches on Win 8.1 with Inventor, 3DS max, Rhino or Lightwave and each application has its own "profile", so you can have seperate customised buttons for each bit of software.

Works great for photoshop, able to pan and zoom around your image which is a lot better than you might imagine when you start using it like that.

Great product, brings basic usability at a good price compared to the more expensive models, which really only add more buttons.
Jonathan Reply to on 17 November 2010
Originally I got this for working with Blender, and it really does help to have 'physical' fingertip control over your objects. Installation wasn't a big deal. There's a learning curve, as you tune the various parameters to suit and get to know which way is up :) But now I find I use it as much for fun as anything - it's the perfect complement to Google Earth. Better than a joystick IMHO, as there aren't many sticks out there that will give you the 6 DOF that this provides. I've used mine so much that the non-slip coating is coming off, but it's still perfectly usable. The price seems high if you're not using it for business ( which I'm not ), but I'd replace it immediately if it failed - it's become a integral part of my computing tool set, and I hate to be without it.
Les Keen
Les Keen Reply to on 11 February 2017
Takes a little while to get used to it, but you can reduce the speed in settings which helps as well as turning off the LEDs.
It pairs beautifully with most Cad programs and is fun to use with Google Earth.
Yes it is expensive but the degree of control and the ability to fly around a 3D model, zooming in and out at will. more than justifies the cost.
If you are a regular user of any 3D modelling program I suggest that you consider investing in a SpaceNavigator,
Pinkvodkas Reply to on 13 July 2017
Fantastic tool to have when using Autocad and Inventor. Makes using the software so much easier ..... Great purchase must have for anyone working in these packages
Chris Ross
Chris Ross Reply to on 12 April 2013
I use this bad boy every day on Autodesk Inventor 3D modeling software, and its the business!

It doesn't have loads of extra buttons (other than the 2 programable ones on either side of the base), and it doesn't take an artic lorrys parking bay on your desk like some other, more expensive models do.

Although, when using one of these devices (same for any model really), for the first time it can be a bit sensitive to the touch (ooh maitron), but you can adjust the sensitivity/speed to your liking and is easy to get the hang of.

It will certainly add finnece to your on screen modelling control and make your life easier, oh and improve productivity! Thats usually a deal clincher when asking your boss to sign off on buying you one ;)

Go for it! Its awesome!
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